Todas las Carreras

Design, Communication and Technological Innovation

Technical degree in Audiovisual Editing

Technical degree in Audiovisual Sound

Technical degree in Video Games development

Environmental and Applied Sciences

Bachelor's degree in environmental management

Technical degree in Cybersecurity

Technical degree in environmental management

Health Sciences

Bachelor's degree in Surgical Technology - Supplementary Curriculum (CCC)

Technical degree in Medical Emergencies

University nursing

Humanities and Social Sciences

Bachelor's degree in Education Management – Supplementary Curriculum (CCC)

Bachelor's degree in Psychopedagogy

Bachelor's degree in Psychopedagogy Supplementary Curriculum (CCC)

Bachelor's degree in Public Management (CCC)

Teaching degree in Early Childhood Education

Technical degree in Public Management

Production, Economic Sciences and Legal

Bachelor's degree in Economy

Bachelor's degree in Forensic science and Criminology

Technical degree in Accounting Analysis

Technical degree in Criminology